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Name:Swing Set in December
Birthdate:Jan 13
Swing Set in December;

legen- (wait for it) -dary. I am university student who is Canadian, ergo, I am a Canadian university student. Currently a Master's candidate in engineering. And if you ask me, engineering rocks my socks, which is why I am studying it. TA for modeling and control [if only that were as interesting as it sounds] and part-time research assistant.

Loves Batman [and anything related to his awesomeness], making up words, good television, reading anything under the sun, music [recommend me something], adventuring, songs about geeky things, sciencing, tea [iced or hot], baking, reading fanfics, AUs, Supernatural, random bits of trivia, traveling and lots of unquantifiable things.

Hobbies include typically spending too much on DVDs, reading fanfiction, hanging out with friends, discussing pop culture and randomness, watching movies and drinking far too much tea.

Fangirls over Supernatural, White Collar, Burn Notice, Leverage, NCIS, Psych, Big Bang Theory, HIMYM, Firefly, The Guild, Star Trek, Dollhouse, Dark Angel, Castle, Transformers, Batman, Marvel Superheroes, DC Superheroes, Smallville, Digimon, 30Rock, True Blood, Glee, BtVS, Star Wars, Korean & Taiwanese dramas and shows that don't exist yet.

In other words: This is my journal. There isn't much here, since well I rarely have time to write about my life. Partly due to school, work, which is school-related and then the fact that my life is not that interesting. If you want to friend me and are into what I like and think Batman rocks your socks as hard as he does mine, well you are welcome to it. And to sum up, I'm sarcastic, girl-shaped, have glasses, am tall, optimistic, an iced tea drinker, a procrastinator, love making pointless lists, a music junkie, a lover of all things Batman-like and a tea junkie. And have for a bit of a spell been obsessively attached to Supernatural. I love reading, and now spend most of my time reading ridiculously awesome fanfics out there. Seriously everyone was hit with the talent stick, hard.

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Interests (117):

30rock, alternative, arrested development, avatar the last airbender, back to the future, baking, basketball, batman, big bang theory, bones, burn notice, cardcaptor sakura, charade, classical, classics, coldplay, cook books, dark knight, death note, detective conan, devil beside me, digimon, dogma, dollhouse, dr. horrible, drawing, empire records, enchanted, engineering, engineering txtbooks, fall out boy, fated to love you, fight club, firefly, foreign films, futurama, gargoyles, geeky songs, glee, gokusen, gossip girl, hanging out with friends, harry potter, hercules, himym, hitchhiker's guide the galaxy, hot shot, house, iced tea, indiana jones, inuyasha, iron man, japanese dramas, japanese pop, jill barber, juno, justice league, keeping my bamboo plant alive, korean dramas, labyrinth, lady gaga, led zeppelin, lion king, lip balm, lucky number slevin, lynryd skynryd, making pointless lists, manga, meaghan smith, meteor garden, mullet rock, music accumulation, musicals, my chemical romance, my girl friday, nail polish, ncis, nick&norah's infinite playlist, nightmare before christmas, ninja turtles, old movies, oldies, one for the money, one tree hill, panic! at the disco, pink martini, psych, queen, random facts books, reading, roald dahl, rocknrolla, rurouni kenshin, science, science magazines, sciency songs, serenity, sleeping beauty, smallville, snatch, star trek, star wars, superbad, superheroes, supernatural, taiwanese dramas, taiwanese pop, taylor swift, tea enjoyment, teen titans, the devil's dictionary, the office, the x-files, trashy romance novels, true blood, where the wild things are, white collar
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