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Ok, this is my journal. There isn't much here, since well I rarely have time to write about my life. Partly due to school, work, which is school-related and then the fact that my life is not that interesting. If you want to friend me and are into what I like and think Batman rocks your socks as hard as he does mine, well you are welcome to it. Though please comment so I know who you are.
I try to update the journal but mostly just post fanmixes and randomness which will probably be lists and lots of music and videos. And to sum up, I'm sarcastic, girl-shaped, have glasses, am tall, optimistic, an iced tea drinker, a procrastinator, love making pointless lists, a music junkie, a lover of all things Batman-like and a tea junkie. And have for a bit of a spell been obsessively attached to Supernatural. Oh and apparently I dabble at writing AUs and cavity inducing fluff.
1. I read a variety of pairings and frequent a lot of fandoms. I am not limited to OTPs that are just slash. I initially got into slash because there was so much angst in het pairings that I just wanted a happy ending.

2. On that note, there are some things that I, for the most part, won't read. These include, but are not limited to: large age gaps, non- or dub-con, and incest. They aren't my cup of tea.

3. For the most part, I'm fairly laid back. Friend, unfriend, access, remove access, subscribe, or unsubscribe at will. I hope you don't take too much offense if I do much the same. Status on my reading list isn't necessarily indicative of how I view our interpersonal relationship. But if you friend me and want me to friend you, drop me a line. And I am terrible at checking f-lists which is probably why you'll get me reading five of your posts to catch up.

4. I suck at knitting but once ever year I buy yarn in hopes to make a scarf and try for a week until I give up. It's too hard, no matter what everyone says. It also means that I have a box full of unfinished scarves. I AM ALMOST FINISHED A SCARF!

5. I geek out over the lamest things [see my love of Batman? He's awesome.]. Though I've been told that for a girl, I like to watch more than an average amount of action flicks.

6. I love science. If I could go through life without having to be tested on my knowledge, I would be more mellow. But that's not in the cards so I'm in engineering and I love it.

7. I'm that person who will go see a concert, play, film, puppet show, game or whatever because you want to. It doesn't matter if I never heard of it or if I know it will probably be a disaster. I go cause it matters for you and I understand that you'd hate to be sitting there alone. Inversely, I have yet to meet a person who will do this for me.

8. I love baking but fail at icing. So my treats taste amazing but lack that Food Network pretentiousness. Plus, when I bake, I never let it cool, I'm that girl going "oh my God, the chocolate is burning my mouth, someone give me milk!". So, giving cookies time to cool before icing? Yeah, right.

9. I suck at video games. I enjoy them but I don't got that skill.

10. When I was four I was terrified by both the concept of ceasing to exist and the concept of existing forever and still am.

11. I make up words to the point that they become an integral part of my vocabulary and my friends start using them.

12. I don't usually cry. I find it unproductive and it gives me a headache. But I get weepy at the most retarded things.

13. I find I am useless to someone with real tragedy, mainly because I find that whatever I say is just a drop in the bucket in what would make them feel better aside from building a time machine.

14. I lose my personality when speaking French. I just become this awkward being that can speak grammatically correct. I am no longer sarcastic or funny. Though I am getting better. I've become more sarcastic.

15. I can only study if my back is to a wall, I have a visual view of all the entry points and my toes aren't cold. I should wear socks more...

16. I'm a disaster on stairs. GRAVITY MAKES ME ITS BITCH. I always walk around barefoot at home, it gives me better traction. TAKE THAT GRAVITY.

17. I make a lot of pointless lists. Case in point.

18. I like making up music videos in my head about the songs I listen to and am freaked out when they resemble the real thing.

19. I cannot survive a day on public transportation without my music.

20. I cannot lie, everyone knows when I lie. I am that transparent. It stems from the first time I lied, to be fair saying that there is a hippo in the driveway wasn't a convincing lie.

21. Despite being an adult, I still run up the stairs when I turn off the lights in the basement.

22. I wish I had more direction my life to know what I want to do in the future, somehow just wanting something that doesn't suck is still a tall order.

23. I listen to a lot a lot of music, but it tends to be strange and foreign and will listen to a song on repeat to the point of never wanting to hear it again.

24. I am computer/technologically challenged but still the computer expert in my home. I really feel I am missing a large chunk of formative schooling regarding computer programming among other things.

25. I love to travel. ♥ I just wish I had more money to do it.

26. I love school supplies.

27. I am quite the procrastinator. Sadly, livejournal has been an active enabler in this.

28. I have an unhealthy obsession of watching dramas to the point where I will watch foreign ones.

29. I love to draw. I used to be really into drawing Japanese comics and now I randomly doodle artwork in my notebooks. My influences are KĊsuke Fujishima, Gosho Aoyama, Rumiko Takahashi and Bill Watterson.

30. I really like tea. Let me know if you have truly awesome tea. Currently have over 100 teas in my kitchen...as addictions go, it's not that bad.

If you think we'd be awesome friends, please comment if you want me to add you back and let me know a bit about you. I won't friend you without knowing a bit about you. So if you just friend me without commenting, I won't be friending you back.

Public posts will remain open but the rest are now going to be strictly friends/private only depending on the nature of the post.
If ever you have any questions or comments, consider this a free post to nudge me.

Date: 2012-01-24 11:56 pm (UTC)
strina: fanart of jade harley looking excited caption "sooo coool!" (jade - so cool)
From: [personal profile] strina
I just mainlined all of your Derek/Stiles fic at the AO3 and LOVED them (especially I've Underestimated My Charm Again) and then someone linked to your Derek/Stiles rec post, so obviously I want to stalk you now.


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