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Title: It Had to Be You
Author: [personal profile] swing_set13
Rating: PG-13
Genre and/or Pairing: Hogwarts AU, Derek/Stiles (background Scott/Allison, Danny/OC, Derek/Hogwarts Prefect Handbook, Stiles/Rulebreaking)
Spoilers: all aired episodes
Warnings: wizards, curfew breaking, scowling, bro codes, magic
Word Count: ~1,800
Disclaimer: The characters and events depicted in these stories are fictional. Any similarity to any actual person, living or dead, or to any actual events, firms and institutions and other entities is coincidental and unintentional. All characters used are the legal property of their respective creators and/or owners and their constituents.
Notes: I've been MIA and yeah, I have no excuses for that. Life has been busy and sucktastic and then I hit a writer's block and I was like, urgh. And yeah. So I decided to write again. Let's get the ball rolling. Comments are love. ♥ It's how I know I should continue rather than retreat back to lurking around fandoms. They sustain me. Unbeta'd because that's how I role. I wrote this at 2 AM so forgive me if nothing really makes sense and I'm just blathering on about magic and FEELINGS. And no, I haven't forgotten about any of my WIPs, there is chapters coming. Soon. Probably. Dammit, I need encouragement...

Summary: Wherein Derek secretly pines, Stiles is oblivious and there is a Triwizard Tournament.

what a disaster it would be if you discovered that I cared, a little too much for friends, but not enough to share )


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