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Ok, this is my journal. There isn't much here, since well I rarely have time to write about my life. Partly due to school, work, which is school-related and then the fact that my life is not that interesting. If you want to friend me and are into what I like and think Batman rocks your socks as hard as he does mine, well you are welcome to it. Though please comment so I know who you are.
I try to update the journal but mostly just post fanmixes and randomness which will probably be lists and lots of music and videos. And to sum up, I'm sarcastic, girl-shaped, have glasses, am tall, optimistic, an iced tea drinker, a procrastinator, love making pointless lists, a music junkie, a lover of all things Batman-like and a tea junkie. And have for a bit of a spell been obsessively attached to Supernatural. Oh and apparently I dabble at writing AUs and cavity inducing fluff.
30 things you might want to know about me )

If you think we'd be awesome friends, please comment if you want me to add you back and let me know a bit about you. I won't friend you without knowing a bit about you. So if you just friend me without commenting, I won't be friending you back.

Public posts will remain open but the rest are now going to be strictly friends/private only depending on the nature of the post.
If ever you have any questions or comments, consider this a free post to nudge me.


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